BWT Bestmax Water Filter Premium

Filter for gourmet water

89,90 - 419,80

BWT bestmax PREMIUM is a filter system used to refine raw water into gourmet water that is excellently suited for the production of hot beverages such as coffee, espresso and tea. The modular multi-stage filter uses the patented BWT Magnesium technology, which additionally mineralizes the filtrate with magnesium. This flavor carrier ensures a high sensory quality of the water and the products made from it. The filter system consists of the filter cartridge with screwed-on BWT besthead FLEX filter head. Depending on the water hardness and requirements, the filter head is used to set the bypass flow (0-3). Check valves in the filter head prevent backflow and uncontrolled water leakage. BWT bestmax PREMIUM food-grade filter systems are pressure-resistant and safe. They can be operated on any drinking water system worldwide.

Part Number: FSXXP00A00 Category:

Part Number: FSXXP00A00 Category:

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Bestmax Premium 2XL, Bestmax Premium M, Bestmax Premium S, Bestmax Premium XL

BWT Bestmax Flex filter head

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523 reviews on
July 26, 2023.
Een heerlijke snoepwinkel voor koffieliefhebbers.
Tobias Scherer
July 25, 2023.
I have been interested in a Portafilter for quite some time and went to the store in Düsseldorf for the first time about two months ago for advice. We were received in an extremely friendly manner and given expert advice. We were shown how a portafilter works directly on the machine and were subsequently convinced of the taste of the espresso. I went home well informed and had a specific model in mind. In the last week, I had checked out the online store at Espresso Perfetto and came across an attractive offer in the B-ware section. I called the hotline on Friday and was able to discuss my questions directly with the colleagues who had the machine on site. In an uncomplicated and flexible manner, I was offered the opportunity to inspect the machine one day later directly in the warehouse (which is actually closed to customers on Saturdays) and then decide on site. On Saturday, we received a warm and friendly welcome from Sohel - who already knew we were coming. He took a lot of time, showed us around the warehouse and the workshop, where we could take a look at the Portafilter from the inside, and gave us useful information as well as quite a few tips & tricks. Finally, I was able to inspect the machine I had previously selected online and was just totally happy. The machine, which was classified as B-goods, was virtually new and had only been returned by a customer. At this point, many thanks again to the entire team of Espresso Perfetto and especially to Sohel! I took the machine and a few accessories directly with me and was able to start my career as a hobby barista on the weekend :-) Conclusion: Absolutely recommended - I'll definitely be back!
Sophia H.
July 25, 2023.
Super service and very courteous staff. We were completely satisfied, our ECM machine was maintained top and the mill repaired flawlessly
Vitalija Jonkute
July 23, 2023.
Very cozy and of course SUPER coffee ❤️
Sirus Djalali
July 11, 2023.
Top advice from the seller! In any case we come again
Chris Klein
June 29, 2023.
It's been ages since we've received such competent and, above all, friendly advice as we did at the Espresso Perfetto online store on site in Erkrath. Several machines and mills were demonstrated and explained to us, and we were allowed to taste them. In addition, there were helpful tips so that we can enjoy the machine for as long as possible. And that on a Friday evening even after the actual closing time. Further questions that came up after the first tests at home were then answered just as competently and friendly on the phone. Simply top!!! I wish all purchases to be advised even rudimentary so.