Espresso Perfetto Organic Decaffeinato 500g beans

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This decaffeinated espresso-based coffee made from 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta beans comes exclusively from selected, organic and fair cultivation in Central America and South Asia. All products marked with "Bio" are subject to the EU organic regulation, controlled by IT BIO 006 - company number 01057B. All products marked with "Flo" are Fairtrade certified. FLO ID: 24909.

  • Coffee blend: 90% Arabica beans from the best growing regions of Central America and 10% excellent Robusta beans from South Asia.
  • Roasting: gentle long-term roasting
  • Degree of roasting: Medium
  • Packaging: PET/AL/PE square bag with aroma protection valve, coffee packed in a protective atmosphere.
  • Best before: 18 months
  • Certifications: Organic according to EU organic directive controlled by IT BIO 006, Fairtrade certified (FLO-ID 24909). Total content 100%.

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Item number: 300005 Categories: ,

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gentle long time roasting


PET/AL/PE square bags with aroma protection valve

In stock