Grizzly Coffee Roasters brings premium espresso and coffee beans from America exclusively to Espresso Perfetto !

Exclusively for Espresso Perfetto , the Grizzly Coffee Roasters team has developed ten outstanding espresso and coffee varieties that are second to none!

All varieties are 100% Arabica espressos and coffees and their beans all originate from Central and South America. The family businesses behind the farms are also characterized by first-class cultivation and processing methods, which find their perfection in the professional roasting.

Grizzly Coffee

The best coffee countries from Central and South America

Central and South America are among the best coffee-growing regions in the world! That's why six countries from this region are represented in our four Grizzly Coffee Roasters espresso varieties. We present them to you briefly:

With espresso beans from Colombia and Brazil, you can literally taste South America!

Pleasant richness and a good balance of sweetness and acidity characterise Colombian coffee in particular, with flavour nuances ranging from nutty-chocolatey to flowery-fruity. Brazil is considered a particularly versatile coffee country: here, it all depends on the growing region, as the country is very large and therefore climatically and geographically complex. In the south, mainly mildly spicy bourbon varieties are grown, but in general it can be said that Brazilian espressos and coffees stand out for their mild and velvety mouthfeel.

Central American master class with espresso beans from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

The finest Arabica from Costa Rica, mild beans from El Salvador, fine spice from Guatemala and spicy acidity from Honduras - the first-class beans from Central America have all this to offer! Almost exclusively Arabica plants grow in the plantations, the cultivation of Robusta is even prohibited in Costa Rica.

Difference Arabica / Robusta