A. Nannini:Varied coffees from Siena

The company Caffè A. Nannini was founded in 1911. Grandfather Guido Nannini opened his first shop in Siena under the name Bar Ideale, offering coffee from his own roasting. He is one of the first bar owners to use the steam espresso machine.

Since 1990, Alessandro Nannini has been nurturing and promoting the long tradition of the family business. As part of his modernisation measures, he expanded the coffee roasting plant and the bakery, gave the company a new look and opened the first Nannini coffee shop in Florence. At first, only the family's own confectioners and coffee houses were supplied with coffee Nannini . Meanwhile, coffee lovers all over the world receive Caffè Nannini. In contrast to large industrial roasting plants, only 120 kg of carefully selected Arabica and top-quality Robusta beans are roasted slowly and gently per run at Nannini . This method removes the bitter substances and acid notes from the coffee beans. The result is continuous top quality. The taste of the coffee: spicy and full, with hints of cocoa and dark chocolate. The crema: fine-pored and dense. Many years of experience in the catering industry and elite catering as well as quality consciousness and a high level of competence characterise the company Nannini to this day.