Dalla Corte:Professional espresso grinders from Milan

Innovative strength, precision and clear design are the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy of Dalla Corte. The company was founded by Bruno Dalla Corte in Milan in 1947. Their espresso grinders leave nothing to be desired and are constantly being developed to meet the needs of their customers.

Dalla Corte is characterised above all by its patented Grinder Control System: The espresso machine and the espresso grinder are connected via a serial cable. This cable automatically adjusts the grind of the espresso grinder, which ensures constant product quality. If the average extraction time deviates from the defined time, the espresso grinder automatically adjusts the grind to compensate. Because: not all beans are the same! If you decide on a new variety, adjusting the grind is almost obligatory - a science in itself and a task that the Grinder Control System takes over for you. Browse through our range and discover the top-class espresso grinders from Dalla Corte.