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Mamis Caffe Espresso Crema NEW 1000g

The "Espresso Crema" from Mamis Caffe consists of 80% South American Arabica and 20% strong Canephora (Robusta) coffees. 1000g bag with aroma valve, in bean.

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For many years in charge of marketing and sales at Lucaffe, Mario Modesto, together with Gian Luca Venturelli, managed to establish the Lucaffe brand well on the international market until 2011, when he decided to create Mamis Caffe himself. The Mamis Caffe project was born from his passion and love for Italian coffee, with the aim of combining the tradition of this beverage with a positive, bright and smiling lifestyle, and to make it known authentically in other countries as an ambassador of the genuine Italian coffee culture. Mamis Caffe stands for first-class service and a well-rounded assortment of high-quality products with a very good price/quality ratio. Mamis Caffe's "Espresso Crema" consists of 80% South American Arabica and 20% strong Canephora (Robusta). According to the roaster: The ideal coffee for bars and cafes that want to stand out from the crowd with a high-quality coffee with typical Italian taste. Soft and balanced with dense Crema, full-bodied with an intense aroma. Profile: 3 = little 5 = medium = 7 = strong * Crema: 5 * Key aroma: Floral note, green bell pepper * Sweetness: 3 * Body: 5 * Degree of roast: 5 * Bitter: 3 * Caffeine: 5 Very suitable for: * Ristretto 25 ml * Espresso 40 ml * Lungo 110 ml * Milk specialties.

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Item number: TV9209NEW1 Category:

Weight 1 kg
Size 9 × 15 × 20 cm

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