Mocambo Suprema, 1000g

The "Suprema" consists of 70% Arabica and 30% Canephora coffee (Robusta). 1000g bag with aroma valve, in bean.


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In the early 1980s, it was hard to get espresso coffee in Germany. For his restaurant in Radevormwald, Giuseppe therefore started the adventure of roasting his own espresso in 1984. The family business Mocambo Caffe with Italian roots is now run by the 3rd generation of the siblings Concetta and Giorgio Drago. The coffee is roasted fresh daily in a drum roaster for up to 20 minutes in a typical Italian long-lasting roasting process.

The "Suprema" in the red packaging consists of 70% Arabica and 30% Canephora coffee (Robusta). This espresso combines the fullness of the Gran Bar with the spiciness of the Brasilia.

This espresso has an ideal balance of strength, fineness and fullness of flavor. The Arabica from Central and South America as well as the Canephora are roasted lighter to preserve the delicate aroma of grass and buds. The overall impression is of a mild espresso with delicate sweetness and cocoa notes.

Profile: 3 = little 5 = medium = 7 = strong
* Crema: 5
* Key aroma: grassy note, buds.
* Sweetness: 3
* Chocolate: 2 - dark
* Body: 3
* Degree of roast: 4
* Bitter: 3
* Caffeine: 5

Very suitable for:
* Ristretto 25 ml
* Espresso 40 ml
* Lungo 110 ml
* Milk specialties

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Item number: 10008 Categories: ,

Weight 1 kg
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Espresso, coffee crema, milk specialties

In stock

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