Stone Espresso Plus Inox/Black

Practical dual-circuitPortafiltermachine with an electrically heated brass brew group, a 1.7 litre copper boiler capacity and a 0.8 litre steam chamber, as well as a removable water tank with a capacity of 1.2 litres and replaceable side panels.

RRP: 1.195,00

4-6 weeks

Contains 19% VAT

Modern technology meets creative design

Despite its comparatively small size, the Stone impresses with its high-quality components. The temperature-resistant brass brewing group ensures that the machine is ready for use within 10 minutes.

Ready for a change of scenery? The Stone is!

Thanks to the magnetically attached tiles, the Stone is changeable and can adapt to your interior style accordingly. The so-called "Slabs" are available in the following colours:

Inox - Black - Premium Wood - Mint Green

Not only the colour is green...

Stone uses environmentally friendly material not only for the components but also for the packaging, making the machine 100% recyclable.

Part number: 0THOMS1SN20002 Categories: ,

Part number: 0THOMS1SN20002 Categories: ,

Weight 20,5 kg
Size 22.5 × 44 × 35.5 cm
Pressure gauge

Boiler pressure gauge

4-6 weeks