Universal Caffe Royal, 1000g

The "Royal" consists of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee selection. 1000g bag with aroma valve, in bean.

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Founded in 1963 in Pescara as a small artisan roastery by Raffaele Camiscia, Universal Caffe today exports its coffee to ber 25 countries worldwide and, under the management of daughter Natascia, is advancing to become a modern company with high moral values, great social commitment and transparency. Today, the mission of the Camiscia family with Universal Caffe is to maintain the high quality of its unique blend, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Unique in the industry, among other things, are two technical innovations: 1.Before roasting, only clean, healthy beans enter the roasting drum after precise analysis and sorting by an optical sensor. 2.After roasting, the coffee matures in air-conditioned storage facilities. Constant temperature is important in order to avoid flavor interference due to thermal shocks during the delicate ripening phase. The "Royal" consists of 100% of a selection of the best qualities of Colombian Arabica coffees. Definitely the flagship, it is dedicated to all those who love a full, smooth taste in espresso, a fine aromatic, strong body with intense aroma, chocolaty on the palate and best enjoyed without sugar due to its sweetness. Profile: 3 = little 5 = medium = 7 = strong * Crema: 5 * Key aroma: berry, malt * Sweetness: 5 * Body: 7 * Degree of roast: 5 * Caffeine: 3 Very suitable for: * Ristretto 25 ml * Espresso 40 ml * Lungo 110 ml * Milk specialties.

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Espresso, coffee crema, milk specialties

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