La cultura del caffè! - Company

We have been part of the coffee market since 1999 - specialising in espresso in particular - and can proudly call ourselves co-founders of the "espresso cult" in the Lower Rhine region, which has developed rapidly in recent years!

The interest group around the small, brown bean has grown strongly - much to our delight - and a fresh and good espresso is now part of a successful day for many.
It is therefore hardly surprising that the espresso machine market and the import of the most diverse espresso and coffee varieties have grown strongly as a result. Different products always mean different quality, and this is exactly where we have made it our mission to meet the highest standards so that you can enjoy your favourite espresso to the full with beans and machines of the highest quality! Become part of the fan community and convince yourself of our service!

Our philosophy

Individual advice on the way to the perfect espresso machine and type is indispensable for us! We are your reliable companion in all espresso matters, from the products to the preparation.

Understanding and participating in the espresso culture is an art form in itself that inspires many people. It is our task to spread it! In our barista courses, we inform you about the different beans and their roasts, show you how to use the grinder and portafilter machine, and in our latte art intensive courses, you learn from SCAE-certified baristas how to create the most beautifully shaped milk foam and great patterns for your cappuccino! The good old filter coffee has been experiencing a renaissance for a few years now, which is why we can't let it fall into oblivion: Our filter coffee workshop trains both filter novices and "old hands", because there is always something new to learn.

1999 - the year it all began. Did I know what to expect? No! Was it exciting? Yes! Did I regret it? Never!

How time flies: 23 years - a lot has happened in that time. We have opened over 13 locations, formed partnerships, learned a great deal and we have grown. Steadily and always with the incentive to be better... better than others. To this day, we have high standards in all areas - that's what drives us. In the meantime, Espresso Perfetto has become a brand. From Düsseldorf, where it all began, we are now represented via The Hague and Cairo to Istanbul.

I am allowed to pursue my passion every day and there is a simple reason for that: You! You - my clients - are the ones who have made us successful. You have placed your trust in us. Customer relationships have developed into friendships; the intersection "espresso" connects us.

Those who know me know that "Perfetto" is not in our name by chance. It has to be the best possible - my team gives everything every day and I am very proud of that! Thank you!