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From strong to mild, from fruity to chocolaty, from espresso to creamy milk speciality - the variety of good espresso inspires us again and again. Let yourself be infected by the Italian attitude to life and buy espresso beans and more from our shop!

We offer espresso beans from selected roasters and from the best growing regions around the globe. We are particularly proud of our Espresso Perfetto house blends: In addition to high-quality raw materials, our products contain the experience of traditional Italian and INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano) certified roasting masters.

In addition to classic espresso beans for your espresso portafilter and beans for fully automatic machines, you will of course also find decaffeinated varieties. Would you like something sweet? Then enjoy our popular chocolate and pastry specialities - perfect with your espresso or just on their own.

The perfect espresso bean for every taste

There are countless varieties of espresso, but the two most common types are the Arabica and the Robusta bean. About 70% of coffee beans on the world market come from the Arabica plant and 30% from the Robusta plant. By the way, what we call coffee beans here are the seeds of the coffee plant fruit - they produce a wide variety of coffees depending on the growing region, processing and roasting.

Espresso beans comparison

While only the milder Arabica bean is usually used for filter coffee, the strong Robusta is ideal for espresso. This is how the two varieties differ:

Arabica beans

Arabica espresso beans are the most popular worldwide. This is not least due to their good digestibility: Arabica espresso is usually fine, soft in taste and offers diverse, mostly fruity aromas. It is also a highland plant: The plant thrives best in regions above 1000 metres altitude at a temperature of about 20°C.

Robusta beans

As the name suggests, the Robusta plant is much hardier - it grows in the lowlands and copes well with higher and fluctuating temperatures. Its bean is smaller and darker than the Arabica bean and has a higher caffeine content. Robusta-based espressos therefore have a particularly strong taste.


Both Arabica and Robusta beans are suitable for making specialities with your espresso machine. Blends of both beans are also ideal: they combine the complex aroma of Arabica with the strong crema of Robusta and create a particularly harmonious taste.

It all depends on the roast: Beans for espresso, cappuccino and co.

Whether you prefer Arabica, Robusta or a blend of both espresso beans for your espresso from a portafilter or fully automatic machine is purely a matter of taste. Note, however, that not every variety is suitable for an Italian espresso: Always buy special espresso beans. These are roasted much longer than coffee beans for filter coffee and thus retain their dark colour and intense aroma.

By the way: although an espresso tastes much stronger than a filter coffee, it is often better tolerated. This is because more chlorogenic acid is broken down during the gentle long-term roasting of the espresso beans - this is responsible, among other things, for the acidity in espresso or coffee drinks, which affects many people's stomachs. Buy espresso beans - Exclusively from Italy and all over the world!

How do you make the perfect espresso?

You've got yourself a Portafilterand want to brew your espresso the right way? We explain in our Blog postwhat it's all about! Take a look and become a home barista!

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Buy the best espresso beans at home

At Espresso Perfetto , we love espresso in all its variations. With our expertise and passion, we create our own house blends for your ristretto, cappuccino or flat white. In addition to a decaffeinated version, you'll also find high-quality organic Fairtrade espresso in our range. Our beans are available in practical 1000g bags with aroma valve. You also benefit from attractive quantity discounts when you order three bags or more.

Enjoy the variety of the best espresso beans from around the world: we offer you an exclusive selection of our favourite brands and roasters such as Hausbrandt, Mami's Caffé or Segafredo. Would you like to learn more about our espresso varieties? We will be happy to advise you!


Tip: Try our drinking chocolates made from selected cocoa beans - for at home or for your fully automatic catering machine. We also have granulated milk for the perfect milk foam.