Bezzera Portafilter / Espresso machines! Tradition meets know-how.

For over a century, the traditional Bezzera brand has stood for espresso machines of the highest quality. In 1901, Luigi Bezzera patented his innovative method of producing coffee using industrial espresso machines - today, Bezerra is already in its fourth generation of production. Professional espresso machines of the top league. The special feature: From the Bezzera BZ10 to the BZ09 and the Magica, all machines are manufactured entirely in-house.

Bezzera Portafilter are a work of art in themselves. The elegant design and high-quality material make this masterpiece perfect for every espresso lover!

With its modern design and sleek lines, the Bezzera espresso machine / portafilter is a perfect addition to any home barista. The feeling of enjoying an Italian-style cup of espresso, cut just right with golden brown crema (rich foam). If beauty in perfection fulfils all the requirements for preparing first-class drinks, then there's not much more to do than experience it first-hand with these amazing machines! Bezzera Portafilter / espresso machines! Tradition meets know-how.

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