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When the espresso machine needs repair

Yes... what then? First of all, you have to find out what is wrong with the machine. This can range from worn sealing rings to clogged pipes to defects in the electronics. In the case of espresso grinders, it is often the grinding discs that need to be replaced because they wear out over time.

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Is a repair necessary in my case?

Basically, you can first take a look at your espresso machine or grinder yourself. If you notice that the espresso is running less smoothly from the Portafilter , it has often been too long since the last cleaning or you forgot to adjust the grind when you changed to a new type of bean.

By the way: Coffee beans are hygroscopic, i.e. weather-sensitive. Temperature changes or changes in humidity sometimes have a direct influence on the grind, so you have to adjust it slightly from time to time to guarantee the desired flow.

In most cases, you can prevent individual components in your appliances from wearing out too quickly by cleaning them regularly and properly.

Despite all this, your device is still causing problems? Then the time for a replacement part may have come.

Can I take care of the repair and maintenance of my espresso machine myself?

It is possible! However, you should make sure that you always use the original components of the respective brands so that further wear and tear or even defects are not encouraged. So be on the safe side and inform yourself about the required components on the basis of the unit explosion drawing.

But above all, know what you are doing! Incorrectly installed Spare parts can lead to extensive defects. There are suitable repair and maintenance sets that make things easier for you.

In case of doubt, it is better to use the repair service.

Repair and maintenance at Espresso Perfetto

Have you purchased your espresso machine or grinder from us? Then we will of course be at your disposal for the entire life of the machine!

Our repair and maintenance service is characterised by trained and professional staff and always has the right spare parts on hand.

All machines purchased in our online shop have a 2-year warranty. (Exception catering equipment: 1-year warranty period). If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period, the machine will be repaired free of charge!


You can reach our technical hotline on 0211/9053887.