Ordering process, simple and convenient

Ordering process, simple and convenient

How can I order from?

Shopping cart

By clicking the "Add to shopping cart" button, you add the selected product to your order. You can make any changes to your shopping cart until you submit your order. Change the number of selected products, remove something completely or cancel the entire order process. You will only be forwarded to the next order step when you click on the "Checkout" button.

2. registration

To pay, you must first log in or register with your e-mail address and password if you have not yet created a customer account with us.

All your data will be processed in accordance with data protection regulations and will not be accessible to third parties. Then click on "Continue".

3. billing address and method of payment

If you have not already done so, you can enter or change your billing and/or delivery address in this step. Enter your desired payment method and click on "Next" again to proceed to the next step.

4. check shipping address & select shipping method

In this window you can once again check the address data you entered and then select the shipping method. You can also complete this step by clicking the "Next" button.

5. complete the order process & terms and conditions and data protection

Finally, you can check and, if necessary, correct all product details, shipping and billing address as well as your contact details in a complete overview. After reading the General Terms and Conditions and the Cancellation Policy, please confirm this by ticking the appropriate box.

Finally, you can complete your order by clicking on the "Send order" button and thus place a legally binding order with us.

6. right of withdrawal for consumers

Here you can find all information about the right of withdrawal

We save the text of the contract, which we also send to you by e-mail including all order information together with the GTC.
The terms and conditions can also be viewed and downloaded from our website. In your customer account you can get an overview of all your past orders.