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Cocktails are very popular, because what would a cosy evening be without the colourful drinks in different variations? We have a wide range of bar equipment for preparing your cocktails. Our range includes juicers, blenders, mixers and many other devices for professional or private use. Take a look at our shop!

Buy Gastro Juicer at Espresso Perfetto

Freshly squeezed juices taste delicious and are a balanced source of nutrients and vital substances. They have a lot of valuable enzymes and secondary plant substances that are easy for the digestive system to utilise. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are particularly valuable for the organism. We recommend drinking them directly after juicing so that not too much oxygen gets into the juice. Some vital substances react very sensitively to this. With a juicer, pressing is child's play. Most of the pomace, i.e. the fibres and pulp, is separated from the juice. This is why it is also called a centrifugal juicer. Such juicers are often used in the catering industry because they can produce a large amount of juice quickly and easily. Even particularly large fruits are easily crushed. In a juicer - also known as a slow juicer - the fruit and vegetables are pressed through several augers under great pressure. This process takes more time, but is particularly gentle because hardly any oxygen and heat need to be added for this - the vitamins remain contained. Because of the time involved, juicers are more suitable for smaller quantities and good for private use.

Our tip: If you like to mix other ingredients such as herbs into your drink, you are well advised to use a juicer. In our shop, you will find juicers or juice extractors for professional processing of your fruit or vegetables.

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