The crowd-pleaser for your Rocket espresso:

Rocket Espresso Milano machines - pure manufacture!

"Fatto a Mano " - made by hand.

That is the motto of Rocket Espresso Milano. The manufacturer was one of the first to produce professional-quality espresso machines for home use. Today, the Rocket espresso machines with their classic chrome look and legendary quality are among the most popular portafilters for the catering trade and amateur baristas.

Discover the Rocket Appartamento, Rocket R58, Rocket Mozzafiato and many other espresso machines from Rocket Espresso Milano in our shop! Rocket Espresso machines Milano - buy pure manufacture!

Rocket Espresso and ECM

The brands Rocket Espresso and ECM are closely linked! However, after Rocket Espresso decided to stop manufacturing espresso machines for home use in 2007, the company quickly realised that they had thus said goodbye to a popular series of their production.

For this reason, the new owners decided to collaborate with designer and constructor Ennio Berti and ECM founder's son Daniele Berenbruch!

The public favourite was allowed to live on and has since benefited from the perfected know-how in the field of machine technology and development!

Quality standards that pay off - with Rocket Espresso

The proven thermo-siphon system and the heating capacity of the Rocket espresso machines, which is perfectly matched to the boiler content, make barista hearts beat faster. In accordance with the company's philosophy, the company relies on high-quality products for every machine, which are manufactured by hand and using the best materials and components!

The top seller espresso machine - the Rocket Espresso Appartamento

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento has become an absolute classic and a firm favourite. With its classic design, it fits stylishly into almost any kitchen environment and is distinguished by the characteristic "Rocket-R" on the rotary valve of the steam lance, the single manometer with black dial and the twelve holes in the side walls. The Appartamento is a dual-circuit machine that can brew espresso and froth milk at the same time. It works with a Faema E61 brewing group, which is one of the best brewing groups for espresso machines according to international standards. It also features a large copper boiler, ceramic pressure trumpet and no-burn steam lance - just like the large Rocket models. Although it is the smallest machine in the Rocket family with its space-saving design, no compromises are made in terms of functions and quality. This is what makes it so popular and also makes it one of our best-selling product lines. Especially the Rocket Appartamento in the Rossa Limited Edition or the Rocket Espresso Appartamento Copper Wood are real eye-catchers thanks to their special look!

Best of Rocket Espresso

As with all the brands in our shop, we always do our utmost to present you with a selection of the best products the company has to offer, including the Rocket espresso machines!