The excellence of Eureka espresso grinders

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In the meantime, the company Eureka can look back on a company history of over 100 years! Founded in Florence in 1920, it has been one of the leading companies on the espresso grinder market ever since. With top design, technology, innovation and above all with the Eureka Mignon series, the grinders are convincing at all levels and are 100% Florentine-made. There - always with an eye for the latest innovations - handmade espresso machines and grinders are created and thus form the Eureka DNA.

Right up front: the Eureka Mignon series!

The best known and most popular is certainly the Eureka Mignon series. The mills from this series combine the best that Eureka has to offer!
The extensive colour palette makes the Mignon an absolute all-rounder from a design perspective and can therefore be combined visually with almost any espresso machine.
Whether colourful and eye-catching in red, gold or pink or kept rather simple in black, white or chrome look - everyone will find what they are looking for here!

Since 1920, the top-quality grinders have been assembled entirely by hand in the Florentine factory in accordance with the manufactory principle, and to ensure that the perfectly planned and technically high-quality devices arrive safely at the espresso enthusiast's home, Eureka also attaches great importance to solid product packaging.

Always fresh espresso with the on-demand function of the Eureka Mignon

It was not so long ago that espresso grinders still had a storage container for the ground coffee. In the meantime, however, it is generally known - especially among connoisseurs - that espresso and coffee taste best when the beans are freshly ground and brewed directly. This is why the espresso grinders of the Eureka Mignon series belong to the so-called on-demand grinders. Here, the freshly ground beans land directly in the Portafilter and are ready for brewing.

Always calm - the silent technology of the Eureka Mignons

All espresso grinders in the Mignon series feature Silent Technology, which lives up to its name! At approx. 80 decibels, the grinders with Silent Technology are up to 20 decibels quieter than the predecessor model Mignon MCI. This anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise via a special motor suspension and sound insulation in the housing.

One name, many variants - the different Mignon models

A total of 18 different Mignon have been launched on the market by Eureka . It's not that easy to choose. We have already made a select pre-selection for you in our shop, so that you will find the best of Eureka in your new mill, regardless of the Mignon model!
Whether it's the Mignon Manuale, Silenzio, Perfetto, Specialità, Single Dose or XL - you can always look forward to a quiet, powerful and stylish espresso grinder.
Give your espresso machine the perfect partner with a Eureka Mignon!