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A journey through all of Italy

The most famous Italian coffee brands at a glance!

Italian coffee culture has a long history. It is not without reason that fragrant lovers all over the world attach great importance to genuine Italian coffee brands when they are looking for new beans.

In our new blog post, we take a closer look at our coffee brand range and show you what makes these top Italian beans deservedly the most famous in the world!

Northern Italy - Coffee brands with a home in the north of Italy

Our coffee journey begins high in the north of Italy, where several company headquarters of well-known coffee brands can already be found in northern Italy.

From the northernmost region, the South Tyrolean Alps, come the coffee brands Alps Coffee and Mamis Caffè.

Alps Coffee can now look back on a history of just over 130 years! In 1890, the merchant Josef Schreyögg founded a delicatessen in the town of Merano, situated between Bolzano and the Austrian border. Among other things, a wide variety of coffees from all over the world are offered there, which quickly earns the shop the nickname "the exotic heart of the Alps". Today, the company's headquarters are in Rabland, 10 km away.

Also Mamis Caffè is not located in the city of Merano. With just over 30 years of experience in the coffee sector, the brand is still quite young compared to Alps Coffee, but leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality! Ethics, transparency, quality and craftsmanship are the values that Mamis Caffè has taken up.

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A little further south in Padua sits the company Caffè Diemme. With over 40 countries worldwide selling their beans, Caffè Diemme has established itself as a well-known Italian coffee brand since 1927. The brand lives its motto "Sogniamo un mondo del caffè evoluto" ("We dream of an evolved coffee world") with each of its varieties!

Our journey continues to Lake Garda: here Gian Luca Venturelli founded a coffee roasting company in Padenghe Sul Garda in 1996. The company quickly grows and the brand gains fame, not least because of the diverse coffee pad variations!

In the very east of Italy lies the city of Trieste, where in 1892 the Italian coffee brand was born. Hausbrandt was born. To this day, the brand stands for technical progress, sustainable scientific research and a healthy and safe working life for employees and customers.

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Coffee culture in the Heart of Italy

Further south in central Italy, we head for Tuscany, where we first meet the company Caffé New York in Montecatini Terme. In the early 1930s, Ugo Incerpi, owner of Bar New York, began roasting coffee to convince the many spa tourists who regularly frequented the temple town to try his own very special coffee. The result: people from all over the region and today from all over the world are enthusiastic about Caffé New York!

South-east of Montecatini Terme lies the cultural stronghold of Florence! And culture is also the keyword here, because coffee culture has also manifested itself here. Vasco Bernini founded the company in 1950 Mokaflor and a success story takes its course! Coffee from the Mokaflor brand is characterised above all by the selection of plantations with sustainable economic methods such as permaculture.

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Further south on your journey through Tuscany, you will inevitably come across Siena and here, too, you will discover one of Italy's best-known coffee brands. A. Nannini one of the most famous Italian coffee brands. In 1989, the grandson of the company's founder, Guido Nannini , decided to roast the coffee himself instead of buying it in. That was the birth of Caffè A. Nannini Siena!

Let's go to Rome, to the Italian capital and to the year 1905! At just 25 years of age, Alfredo Danesi decides to enter the coffee business and spreads Italian espresso culture beyond the city's borders to the whole of Italy!

Situated on the east coast of Italy in Pescara Univeral Caffè. Since 1963, excellent coffee has been roasted here, fed by craftsmanship, tradition, quality and love for the product - pure passion!

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Italian coffee brands from the south of Italy

Italian coffee brands from the south of Italy

In the south of Italy, more precisely in Sicily, our journey to the most famous Italian coffee brands ends!

In 1960, the company was founded here in Giarre in Catania. Ionia The foundation stone for a coffee brand with the highest quality standards has been laid since the first roasting in 1968.

Innovation in terms of coffee blending is still the programme today. The focus of the roasting process is on even and precise roasting as well as rapid cooling through air suction - this is what distinguishes the genuine Sicilian coffee from Ionia !

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With Espresso Perfetto through Italy

At Espresso Perfetto , we attach great importance to ensuring that Italy's best-known coffee brands are (quite rightly) represented in our range! That's why we regularly look at new products, so that we can always offer you the best of Italian coffee and espresso culture.

Are you curious about our range of products? Then browse through our shop and try out the variety of coffees Italy has to offer:

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