Stove-top cooker for traditional espresso preparation

You can also easily prepare delicious espresso with a stovetop kettle or espresso maker. It consists of three parts: the kettle, the funnel insert and the upper part of the pot with the riser tube.

The kettle is filled with water up to the safety valve. Then the coffee powder is put into the funnel insert and smoothed out. Now the top of the pot is screwed on and the kettle is heated on the cooker.

Caution: If the coffee rises through the riser tube into the upper part of the jug with a hissing sound, the espresso maker should be quickly removed from the hob. The residual heat will then cause the remaining water to rise to the top. However, you will notice that a little water remains in the pot. You should not remove this, as it ensures that the espresso pot does not overheat. Do not leave the espresso maker on the cooker for too long or the coffee will become bitter and lose its valuable ingredients.