Espresso grinders for real Italian espresso enjoyment!

Enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee and get the best out of the beans with a high-quality espresso grinder!

Because it's not just the portafilter that counts: The right amount and the grind of your espresso are crucial for a good result and the unmistakable taste of Italian coffee specialties. Here you will find finely adjustable coffee grinders from brands such as Bezzera, Olympia Express, Eureka and many more. Need help choosing your espresso grinder? Feel free to contact us!

This is why a good espresso grinder is so important

The importance of a good coffee grinder is often underestimated. Yet the brewing result and taste also depend to a large extent on the quality of the grinder - even the best espresso machine cannot conjure up a perfect espresso from poorly ground beans. The reason: evenly ground coffee ensures that the water does not run through the coffee grounds either too quickly (over-extraction) or too slowly (under-extraction) during brewing. A good espresso grinder is therefore important for the perfect balance of acidity and bitterness in your espresso, cappuccino, flat white and the like.

What is important when grinding coffee?

The coffee for your portafilter machine requires a very fine grind. This is the only way that the ground coffee in the Portafilter can counteract the necessary pressure of the brewing water and optimally develop the aroma of the espresso. Special electric coffee grinders make this possible: the grind can be set particularly finely and precisely and often even infinitely variable. In this way, it is possible to give the espresso the most varied nuances, depending on the bean.

It is also important that the beans are ground evenly and that as little fine dust as possible is produced. A good espresso grinder produces a homogeneous grind and thus contributes to the balanced taste of your coffee specialities. Gentle coffee grinding also plays a role here: the espresso beans should not get too hot during the grinding process, otherwise they lose their aroma. When buying your espresso grinder, make sure it has a powerful motor and a high-quality grinder.

The Mill - the heart of the espresso grinder

Espresso grinders from Demoka are a real eye-catcher and impress with their particularly beautiful design. The company has been producing high-quality coffee processing products for its customers since 1972. At the Barcelona headquarters, the latest trends are taken up and ideas are implemented - and this has been the case for 40 years. The high-quality materials enable the company to stand out from the crowd. Products from Demoka can be found in the gastronomy and catering sector as well as in private households. The espresso grinders are of the highest quality and durability.

Disc mill

In espresso grinders with disc grinders, the coffee beans are ground between two metal or ceramic discs. One disc is fixed, while the other is moved by a motor. The distance between the discs determines the degree of grinding and can be precisely adjusted - this makes it possible to produce particularly fine coffee grounds and optimally control the result.

Cone grinder

Espresso grinders with cone grinders grind the beans between a rotating cone in the centre and the outer wall of the coffee grinder. By adjusting the distance between the cone and the wall, the grind of the coffee can be regulated. Cone grinders work at a relatively low speed and are therefore particularly gentle on the aroma.


During the grinding process, oils escape from the espresso beans, which can cause the grinder to stick in the long term. We recommend that you clean your electric coffee grinder thoroughly every 14 days. Do you have questions about cleaning your espresso grinder? We'll be happy to help you and share our best tips and tricks.

Espresso grinders from Espresso Perfetto

Whether you're an espresso beginner or a hobby barista, you'll find the right espresso grinder for your Portafilter in our range. From basic models to professional espresso grinders with timer and touch display, we carry a wide selection of coffee grinders from the most well-known manufacturers such as Mahlkönig, Victoria Arduino, Isomac, Ceado, Mazzer, Quamar, Macap, Demoka and Eureka Mills.

Do you already have a model in mind or can we help you choose? We will be happy to advise you and together we will find the best espresso grinder for you.