Our espresso and portafilter machines for your espresso pleasure. Espresso? Perfetto!

Whether espresso, cappuccino or flat white - with an espresso machine you can enjoy your coffee in barista quality at home.

At Espresso Perfetto you will find a comprehensive selection of portafilter machines for every need. From La Marzocco via Bezzerra to Quickmill our assortment only includes espresso machines that we, as coffee experts, are convinced of ourselves. In addition to Italian coffee machines for private use, we offer individual sets with matching espresso grinders as well as professional portafilter machines for the catering industry. Do you have any questions about your new Portafilter? We will be happy to help you choose the perfect espresso machine for your espresso enjoyment!

Which is the best espresso machine?

A freshly brewed espresso is like a short trip to Italy. Good coffee - for us a piece of quality of life! For you too? With a portafilter machine, you can enjoy these special moments whenever you want. Which espresso machine is right for you depends on various factors: Are you a beginner, hobby barista or Portafilter professional? How often will you use your espresso machine? And what do you prefer to drink: classic espresso and ristretto or milk drinks such as cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato? The range of Italian coffee machines is as varied as the types, roasts and origins of the coffee beans. Get an overview here of our Portafilter and feel free to contact us at any time for a personal consultation!


How the portafilter works

A Portafilter-/Espresso machine heats the water to about 90 °C and presses it through the ground coffee in the Portafilter at a pressure of about 9 bar. The quality and performance of the pump has a considerable influence on the result and the taste of the finished coffee: it guides the hot water from the tank to the brewing head and ensures that it flows through the Portafilter evenly and with optimum pressure. A distinction is made between rotary and vibratory pumps. A rotary pump is usually more durable than a vibratory pump, offers a larger capacity and is much quieter in operation.

Your Espresso Perfetto advantages at a glance:

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On our website you will find helpful tips on the care and maintenance of your espresso machine as well as recipes for the best italian coffee enjoyment.
Our customer service is available by phone from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 17.30 hrs. You can also send us an e-mail to shop@espressoperfetto.de. We will answer your questions immediately and look forward to hearing from you!

Single-circuit, dual-circuit, dual boiler - Find the right espresso machine for you

Single-circuit portafilter machine

If you mainly want to make espresso, a single-circuit espresso machine is a good choice. In this model, both the brewing group and the stainless steel nozzle (steam lance) responsible for frothing milk are fed from the same boiler. However, the steam needed for cappuccino and co. is only produced at well over 100 °C - this means that the water still has to be heated after the espresso has been brewed (at 90 °C). A single-circuit machine is therefore not ideal if you like to prepare different coffee specialities.

Two-circuit portafilter machine

The advantage of a dual-circuit espresso machine is that you can brew coffee and froth milk at the same time. This model also has only one boiler - but it contains two separate water circuits. A heat exchanger runs through the boiler for steam and hot water, in which the water for espresso preparation is directed and heated to the optimum brewing temperature. To ensure that this temperature is not exceeded, you can simply drain off some water via the brewing head during longer waiting times. The heat exchanger is then filled again with fresh, cold water for the next ristretto, cappuccino or flat white.

Dual boiler portafilter machine

With the new dual boiler espresso machines, you can prepare several different speciality coffees in succession without having to worry about fluctuations in pressure or temperature. Dual boilers have two separate boilers for steam and brewing water. They offer a large capacity, the best possible control and therefore particularly flexible coffee enjoyment.


A constant brewing temperature is particularly important for the quality of your espresso. Espresso machines with integrated PID control allow you to easily adjust the water temperature to the exact degree.