What is a barista? Espresso Perfetto explains!

Barista - What is it? Barista is the Italian term for a bartender. A barista is a true expert in the art of coffee and a master of his trade: in addition to the excellent preparation of various coffee specialties, he also has extensive coffee knowledge. His knowledge ranges from the different types of coffee, roasting aromas and grinds to coffee growing regions.

But what exactly does a barista do and what does the barista profession look like? Espresso Perfetto explains! In our blog post you can learn everything about the barista.

What does Barista mean?

A barista is a passionate coffee artist. He prepares coffee specialties of all kinds with the aim of always perfecting the coffee experience of his customers and fellow human beings. The magical craft of the baristi is the impressive latte art: They are experts in the artistic decoration in the milk foam, create true works of art and are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of every customer!

And what else does it mean to be a barista? The heart of the barista beats out of passion for coffee: He knows the right roasting method, the perfect grind as well as the optimal pressure of the espresso machine for each individual coffee speciality. The barista masters the operation and maintenance of the espresso machine and espresso grinder, recognizes sources of error as quickly as possible and can adjust the machines independently. In principle, a barista is both an artist and a technician.

In addition, the barista is characterized by a distinctly fine sense of taste: Extremely experienced baristi recognize a variety of flavors and can even pick out coffee type and origin of the coffee bean. If your coffee tastes irresistibly delicious, is artistically embellished, and is served and prepared with joy - then you're dealing with a professional barista!


Profession Barista: With passion to become a true barista artist

Do you want to turn your passion for coffee into a career and become a professional coffee artist? Or you've always wanted to master the craft of coffee art and wow friends and family with impressive latte art?

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Barista courses

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You want to fulfill your dream and become a barista yourself?

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