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Top design combined with innovation and sophisticated technology - The Eureka Mignon XL mill

Founded in Florence and now coveted all over the world: the brand Eureka finds its origin in 1920 and since then has been the epitome of excellent coffee grinders. Today Eureka is one of the leading companies in the espresso grinder market and presents a wide segment of professional handmade coffee grinders.

Robust, elegant and innovative at the same time: The Eureka Mignon XL coffee grinder scores with its elegant design and innovative technology. It also impresses with its excellent grinding results, compact dimensions and extremely low noise level.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the Eureka Mignon XL in more detail.

Eureka Mignon - Top equipped

Each Eureka Mignon combines design, innovation and outstanding technology to offer unique benefits:

  • Quality craftsmanship: all Eureka coffee grinders are assembled piece by piece entirely by hand and intelligently designed by designers.
  • Silent technology: Precise grinding and maximum silence: At approx. 80 decibels, the Eureka Mignon is up to 20 decibels quieter than the predecessor model Mignon MCI. A special motor suspension and sound insulation in the housing significantly reduce grinding noise.
  • Professional equipment for home: The high-quality workmanship and the associated durability make the Eureka mill a reliable companion.
  • Extensive color palette: You like it colorful and flashy in red, gold or pink? Or rather kept simple in black, white or chrome optics? In our store you will find the right model for everyone!

Top design combined with innovation and sophisticated technology - The Eureka Mignon XL mill

Eureka Mignon XL - technical details at a glance

With the Eureka Mignon XL you are perfectly equipped for your ideal espresso:

  • Diamond Inside grinding discs: The patented Diamond Inside grinding discs (65mm) guarantee a first-class grinding quality, provide an increased crystal structure and thus ensure a higher wear resistance as well as durability.
  • Extremely high performance:Thanks to the powerful motor and 65 mm grinding discs, the Eureka XL mill guarantees professional performance even at home. Special technical solutions ensure a unique grinding quality.
  • ELR system (Extreme Low Retention): Thanks to special technologies, the Eureka Mignon XL convinces with an extremely low retention, which means you always get 100% freshly ground coffee.
  • "High-speed" maintenance: The Eureka Mignon XL also scores points for its simple and fast maintenance.
  • Height adjustable rubberized "Hands-Free" portafilter fork: The Eureka portafilter fork is suitable for any type of Portafilter.
  • Compact and space-saving:Despite maximum power, the Eureka Mignon XL is characterized by compact and space-saving dimensions, so that it fits easily into any kitchen and catering.
  • Mignon mat kit included: When you buy a Eureka Mignon XL, you get the perfect complement to your mill.

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The housing of the Eureka Mignon XL is made of solid aluminum and gives the grinder a special character. With its noble and timeless look, the coffee grinder is not only an eye-catcher, but also offers a capacity for 300 g of fresh espresso beans thanks to the extra large bean compartment. How about the top-selling beans from Espresso-perfetto?

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