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Store coffee beans correctly - for maximum taste and freshness!

If you are a passionate fragrant lover, you probably know that fresh and qualitative coffee beans are the basis for a particularly good coffee. However, for the perfect coffee experience, it's not only the quality of the bean that matters, but also the proper storage of the coffee beans. What many don't know is that proper storage makes a big difference in the taste and shelf life of the beans. In this blog post, you'll learn the ideal way to store your coffee beans to get the most out of them.

Store coffee beans optimally - Our tips!

How do you store coffee beans properly? Espresso Perfetto clarifies!

Coffee aromas evaporate more quickly than one would like. If the coffee comes into contact with oxygen, oxidation takes place. From this point on, the flavor and aroma are lost step by step. External influences such as oxygen, light, moisture, heat and cold are among the natural enemies of coffee and are poison for the coffee aroma. The less the coffee beans come into contact with light, air and the like, the longer they stay fresh and retain their aroma. That's why you should protect your coffee beans as best as possible from such external factors.

With the right storage methods, your coffee beans will definitely stay fresh longer: Make sure that you store the coffee in a dark, dry and cool place - for example, in a closed kitchen cupboard. For optimal storage of coffee beans, a room temperature of up to 20 degrees Celsius is also suitable. Under no circumstances should you store your coffee in the refrigerator. Especially in a humid environment, coffee tends to absorb foreign flavors - and you certainly don't want your coffee to suddenly taste like cheese.

You effectively protect the coffee aroma if you store the coffee as whole beans, since ground coffee beans lose their aroma much faster. Nothing tastes as good as freshly ground coffee: that's why it's best for the taste and aroma to grind the coffee beans just before using them. It is therefore also worthwhile to use a coffee grinder with a high-quality grinder. Which grinder is right for you depends on your preferred method of preparation. Our expert staff in our stores will be happy to advise you at any time.

Glass coffee containers keep the aroma fresh longer

In order to experience the best possible taste experience at all times and to have something of the wonderful, fresh coffee flavor for significantly longer, the coffee beans should always be stored in airtight containers. Investing in a high-quality storage jar is therefore an absolute must for every coffee connoisseur. In our vacuum glass storage containers your coffee beans are in the best of hands: Here they stay fresh up to 50% longer and are protected from external influences such as air and moisture.

As a rule, the package of your favorite coffee should be consumed quickly after opening. However, our stylish storage containers allow you to store your favorite coffee beans for a longer period of time. They are perfect for optimal storage, protect the beans from premature loss of flavor and ensure maximum taste and freshness.

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Pure coffee flavor

If the freshly brewed coffee does not taste as usual and a mix of foreign flavors is noticeable, it may be due to the wrong storage containers. A significant advantage of our glass storage containers is that the material of the containers does not give off any flavor of its own to the stored coffee beans - it is completely neutral in taste and you can store your coffee without any worries!

Buy now one of our glass storage containersso that your favorite coffee still tastes as good as when you first opened it!

By the way, our storage containers are available in 600 g, 800 g and 1000 g sizes!

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