Quickmill Rubino - special model "NAZ" as a perfect further development

With its noble design, technical sophistication and uncompromising quality, the Quickmill Rubino "NAZ" represents the perfect evolution of the initial model - the Quickmill Rubino. Espresso Perfetto and the northern Italian manufacturer Quickmill have jointly created the Quickmill Rubino 0981 "NAZ" - a masterful evolution of its predecessor, which meets the highest standards and promises authentic espresso enjoyment.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the special developments and improvements of the Quickmill Rubino "NAZ".

What is special about the Quickmill Rubino 0981?

The Quickmill Rubino 0981, equipped with a high-quality E61 brewing group, impresses with exclusive innovations, such as an insulated stainless steel boiler and professional tilt valves. It meets the highest quality standards and is perfectly suited for the demanding espresso lover. It has not only been further developed technically, but its design has also been improved. Even better, even higher quality - but the fascination remains the same.

Find out here why you should definitely choose this high-quality espresso machine from Espresso Perfetto .

Quickmill Rubino Naz

That's why the Quickmill Rubino "NAZ" espresso machine from Espresso Perfetto is the ideal choice!

The elegant, stylish Italian design of the new Quickmill Rubino 0981 is a real eye-catcher. The espresso machine has been made almost entirely of high-quality polished stainless steel. With its new, shiny chrome stainless steel housing, it meets the highest design standards and at the same time stands for timeless elegance.

The classic and compact espresso machine at professional level convinces with the highest technical sophistication. The built-in insulated stainless steel boiler with automatic level compensation has a volume of 1.8 liters and thus allows a generous withdrawal of steam and hot water.

The Quickmill Rubino 0981 also impresses with the following new features:

  • Stainless steel no-burn steam and hot water lance
  • Two separate pressure gauges for boiler and pump pressure
  • Professional tilt valves
  • Standby mode (on/off switch)
  • Three liter water tank with suction valve instead of silicone hoses
  • Higher quality, better internal component
  • Clear arrangement of the controls

Equipped with the best and latest technologies, the new Quickmill Rubino 0981 promises an incomparable coffee experience and enjoyment at the highest level. The professional quality is reflected in all details of the Quickmill Rubino "NAZ". With easy-to-understand controls, the Quickmill Rubino 0981 is particularly convenient to use and offers you the ultimate operating experience. Thanks to its compact size, it also fits into any kitchen and is easy to transport. In addition, the espresso machine is extremely easy to clean.

The new Quickmill Rubino 0981 is equipped with every imaginable feature to achieve the perfect coffee extraction. With unsurpassed thermal stability, it ensures an incomparable taste experience. The result: excellent quality and high-quality, aromatic espresso and coffee enjoyment.

Create your favorite coffee specialties: From espresso and latte macchiato to flat white or cappuccino - everything is possible with the Quickmill Rubino "NAZ". Perfect, wonderfully creamy milk foam is child's play to conjure up with it.

The Quickmill Rubino "NAZ" offers unbeatable value for money. Its excellent technical performance, elegant design and unparalleled durability make the coffee machine an excellent investment for all espresso lovers.

Quickmill Rubino - Our "NAZ" models

The superbly crafted Quickmill Rubino 0981 was developed exclusively for Espresso Perfetto . Dive into the world of upscale espresso machines and discover all our Quickmill Rubino models. This new espresso machine is available in different colors - so there is something for every taste.

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⸻ Technical details
Weight: 22 kg
Size: 48 × 26,5 × 34 cm
Pump type: Vibration pump
Scope of delivery: Stainless steel wooden tamper, cleaning brush, Portafilter with double spout, Portafilter with single spout
Power in watts: 1400w
Display: Analog pressure gauges
Boiler insulation: Yes
Boiler material: Stainless steel
Office-ready: Yes
Lighting: No
PID control: No
Saturated brew group: No
App control: No
Water tank volume: 3l
Device type: Dual-circuit system
Pressure gauge: Boiler pressure gauge, pump pressure gauge
Power connection: 230V
Color: Stainless steel
Temperature adjustable: No
Pump pressure adjustable: Yes
Milk frother: Yes
Operation: Manual lever operation
Material: Stainless steel
Fixed water connection: No
Pump pressure: 10-12 bar
Cups recommendation per day: 10-40/day
Special features: Removable drip tray, Removable water reservoir, Automatic shut-off, No-burn lances, Cup storage tray
Country of manufacture: Italy
Boiler volume: 1,8l

⸻ Scope of delivery

  • QuickMill Rubino 0981 special model "NAZ" espresso machine
  • 2 Portafilter
  • 2 portafilter inserts
  • 1 stainless steel tamper with wooden handle
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 Blind sieve
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • Operating instructions
Instruction manual Quickmill Rubino "NAZ

Nicole S. - 5 stars

"The Quickmill Rubino espresso machine is an absolute gamechanger for my morning coffee ritual. It is easy to use and delivers a perfectly brewed espresso every time. The quality and finish of the machine is top notch - not only does it look chic in my kitchen, but it also feels sturdy and durable. I highly recommend this espresso machine to any coffee lover!"

Khalit M. - 5 stars

"I am absolutely thrilled with the machine! It brings the café experience right to my home. The ability to adjust the brew temperature allows me to really optimize the taste of my espresso. Plus, the auto shut off is a great feature for added convenience and safety. An absolute must-have for any home barista!"

Gera O. - 5 stars

"Superior espresso, user friendly and efficient. Price/performance ratio is unbeatable. Satisfied all around!"

Summarized compactly

The Quickmill Rubino 0981 special model "NAZ" espresso machine is an excellent, powerful two-circuit portafilter machine. It impresses with its fast heat-up time and the ability to produce steam and brewing water simultaneously.

Equipped with an E61 brew group, a robust vibration pump and a pump pressure gauge, it allows precise control over the brewing process. The automatic shut-off provides additional safety and convenience.

Its milk lance has a no-burn technology that prevents the milk from burning and facilitates cleaning. This handmade machine with its classic design and high quality materials is perfect for coffee lovers who want to prepare espresso and mixed milk drinks.

The Quickmill Rubino 0981 special model "NAZ" offers outstanding value for money, making it a good choice for beginners and experienced baristas alike.

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