What is an Americano? Espresso Perfetto explained!

More and more often it appears on the drink menus of quite a few cafés - the Americano!

But what is an Americano and how is it made? In our blog post you will learn everything about the origin, the preparation and the difference to coffee Crema and Espresso Lungo.

How the Americano was "invented

If you're wondering: What is an Americano? Espresso Perfetto explains!
The Americano can't quite be said to have been "invented" in the true sense of the word. Supposedly, its origin lies in Italy during the Second World War. However, it wasn't the Italians who suddenly felt the need to come up with a new coffee creation:

The Americano goes back, as the name suggests, to the U.S. soldiers who had landed in Italy at that time and had discovered the coffee specialties there for themselves. The espresso, which was very popular in Italy, was too strong for most Americans, however, which is why they often asked for an additional glass of hot water to dilute the espresso with.

The differences between Coffee Americano, Coffee Crema and Espresso Lungo

So what distinguishes an Americano coffee from a Crema coffee and an Espresso Lungo? The decisive factor in all three cases is the brewing process:

The Americano consists of one-third double espresso and two-thirds hot water. Ideally, the espresso is brewed with a Portafilter machine brewing machine. This has the advantage that, on the one hand, a beautiful crema can be produced and, on the other hand, the required water can be drawn directly from the hot water lance. This eliminates the need for additional devices such as a kettle or stove.

While a coffee crema also runs through a Portafilter , it does so much faster than an Americano because a coarser grind is used here. In addition, coffee roasts are usually used for a coffee crema. These are ground finer than for a filter coffee, but still coarser than for an espresso.

An Espresso Lungo can be translated as "long espresso" and is basically nothing else. The only difference is that the same amount of espresso grounds is used, but the brewing time is extended, so that the Espresso Lungo is also a stretched form of espresso - similar to the Americano. However, the Lungo is made with considerably less and, above all, not with pure, hot water, since the water used for stretching passes through the entire espresso process until the end. Brew group samt Portafilter passes.


How to prepare an Americano

Now that you already know the ingredients of an Americano, the actual preparation is a snap:

For a coffee Americano, a double espresso is usually prepared first (50-60 ml), which is then blended with about 180 ml of hot water.

However, if you don't want to destroy the beautiful espresso crema when pouring in the hot water, you can pour the water into the cup first and then brew the double espresso - this preserves the crema optimally. If you have not preheated your cup, you can do this directly with the hot water.

Why drink a coffee americano?

If an espresso is too strong and not enough for you, you usually reach for a cup of coffee crema - so why now the Americano alternative? Quite simply, the Americano is - just like the coffee Crema - less strong, but many prefer the aroma of an espresso, not infrequently even very special bean blends and varieties, with certain Robusta- or Arabica content.

So the Americano allows you to enjoy an excellent espresso without taking off your shoes right away!

Have you acquired a taste for it?

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