Make your own affogato al caffè (espresso with ice)

Culinary pleasure like in Italy: Creamy vanilla ice cream covered with first-class espresso - that's the Italian dessert Affogato al caffè. Here, delicate, melting vanilla ice cream meets freshly brewed, aromatic espresso. Find out how you can easily prepare this delicious espresso dessert yourself at home in this blog post.

Espresso with ice Affogato al caffè

What's behind the espresso with ice?

What does Affogato al caffè actually mean? Espresso Perfetto clarifies!

Affogato al caffè is one of the most popular cool espresso drinks from Italian cuisine. Affogato al caffè comes from the Italian and literally means "drowned in coffee" - and that's exactly what this delicious coffee specialty is. In a nutshell: Espresso with ice.

Here, the two ingredients vanilla ice cream and espresso are combined into a delicious dessert. The ice cream is poured over with hot espresso, slowly melts and mixes with the espresso to form a wonderfully aromatic and creamy drink. A unique taste experience that is sweet and refreshing at the same time. Espresso with ice is therefore particularly suitable for hot summer days and is considered the ideal summer drink.

Wondering why vanilla ice cream in particular is perfect for a successful affogato al caffè? The fatty acids from the milk ice cream manage to neutralize the slightly bitter notes of the espresso, while the delicate vanilla note harmonizes perfectly with its strong roasted aromas. Traditionally, Affogato al caffè is therefore prepared with vanilla ice cream.

Espresso with ice Affogato al caffè

Preparation for espresso with ice

Affogato al caffè is a true pleasure experience and convinces both in taste and appearance. And best of all, you can easily make this delicious recipe yourself at home. What do you need? A coffee maker, coffee beans, creamy vanilla ice cream and a suitable, heat-resistant glass.

Espresso with ice Affogato al caffè

And it's that simple:

  • Prepare espresso and sweeten if desired.
  • Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a heatproof glass.
  • Pour the espresso over the ice.

And the Affogato al caffè is ready! To make the most of the excellent combination of refreshing ice cream and hot espresso, you should eat the dessert immediately after preparation. Now it's time to spoon it up with relish and enjoy!

Espresso with ice - Our tips for the perfect affogato al caffè

  • You want to serve the dessert to friends and family? Then don't pour the espresso over the ice cream as soon as you make it, because that would melt the ice cream before you serve it. Instead, we recommend pouring the espresso over the ice cream at the table.
  • The secret lies in the combination of the two ingredients: The slow melding of the different flavors creates a unique taste experience. That's why you should refrain from stirring the dessert.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with the amounts - after all, tastes are sometimes very different. Even though the original recipe calls for a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a simple espresso, you can of course use more of both to have more to spoon over.
  • If you want to get the best out of the Italian dessert, you should definitely pay attention to the quality of the ingredients - especially because there are only two of them. In this case, you need first-class vanilla ice cream and excellent coffee beans, preferably our super fresh and aromatic espresso beans. In our variations we use only the best raw materials. In addition, all our products contain the experience of traditional Italian roasting masters. Convince yourself!
  • For espresso preparation, feel free to browse our top selection of espresso machines that will allow you to enjoy your barista-quality coffee at home!
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