Manual hand coffee grinder

The manual hand coffee grinder Pietro by Fiorenzato

Manual coffee grinders not only bring a special charm with them, but are quite capable of keeping up with the grinding results of the electric coffee grinder. In our blog post, we present the space-saving small Pietro by Fiorenzato hand coffee grinder in detail. The manual coffee grinder - what are the advantages?

The best way to celebrate drinking coffee: With the Pietro by Fiorenzato hand grinder, you'll experience a whole new coffee experience. With this manual coffee gr inder you can make coffee preparation a unique coffee ritual.

Freshness also makes the difference: Directly ground, the coffee beans develop their full flavor aroma, making coffee enjoyment a true experience. After all, coffee beans that have already been ground lose valuable aromas much more quickly, especially when exposed to light, air, and heat.

The convenience of the manual coffee and espresso grinder is another plus. High quality espresso grinders are often space-consuming and heavy. How good that the Pietro by Fiorenzato hand grinder solves this problem! It is considered small, compact and suitable for travel . So even on the road you no longer have to do without a high-quality coffee enjoyment!

In addition, the manual coffee grinder does not require electricity and - unlike electric coffee grinders - has a pleasantly quiet grinding noise.

The Pietro by Fiorenzato - a classic modern interpretation

Are you currently looking for a powerful manual coffee grinder for yourself or as a special gift? We will help you with the choice!

Made in Italy, with the highest quality standards, our Pietro by Fiorenzato hand mill enjoys extreme popularity. As soon as you hold it in your hands, you feel the robust quality. With this hand grinder you grind, both for mocha and for espresso, consistently and reliably. It stands for quality craftsmanship and is also characterized by excellent ergonomics.

The disc grinder is made of high-quality, hardened steel. Unlike classic hand coffee grinders, the coffee beans are not ground but cut. This exclusive grinding technology enables an extremely precise and uniform grinding result. Thanks to high-quality materials, the coffee beans can also be ground quickly and easily.

To a suitable manual hand coffee grinder, you need the right beans

By the way: At Espresso Perfetto you will find espresso beans that are produced with a lot of expertise, awareness of tradition and great passion - exclusively from Italy and all over the world! In all our products, in addition to the best raw materials, the experience of traditional Italian roasting masters.

About our beans

The Pietro by Fiorenzato hand coffee grinder as one of our highlights!

The Pietro by Fiorenzato manual coffee grinder you get in our store! It is available in the colors black, white and silver. On the product page you will also find more information about the hand grinder. Get an overview of all the technical details and order this great coffee grinder online conveniently to your home.

Conclusion: Our Pietro by Fiorenzato hand coffee grinder is excellent for those who want to get the best out of their coffee. Every detail of the Pietro is designed for unique results and an unforgettable experience. You only buy a grinder like this once in a lifetime - see for yourself!