Cups for every kind of coffee drink

Heavy, thick-walled cups with a wide rim are considered classically Italian. According to Mediterranean tradition, the cups are made of earthenware.

This material has an earthy and porous consistency. For this reason, the cups are produced relatively thick-walled. This ensures the necessary stability. In Germany, on the other hand, cups are usually made of porcelain. Both materials, store heat while not affecting the taste of the coffee drink. We at Espresso Perfetto have the right cups for every coffee: Whether for the morning coffee pleasure or the espresso after dinner.

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Cappuccino cups are rather low, 5 to 7 cm high, so that they fit easily under espresso machines. The diameter is comparatively large at around 6 to 9 cm. This allows you to pour the frothed milk more slowly, so that you can...

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The diameter of an espresso cup influences the smell perception. Here, a narrow diameter has proven itself, because if it is larger than 8 cm, the crema of the espresso flows apart. For additional stabilisation, the so-called crema...

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In our shop you will find modern and classic Italian espresso cups in sets.

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With a diameter of up to 13 cm, you have enough space for large and impressive latte art motifs! Just like all other cups for coffee drinks, latte cups should be as thick-walled as possible so that the beverage does not become too...

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Our tip:

Preheat your cup to keep your coffee warm for even longer.