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Why should I buy an espresso cup anyway ? Well, we think that anyone who attaches great importance to preparing espresso in a stylish and enjoyable way should make no exception when it comes to serving!

In order to fully develop the taste of a genuine Italian espresso, a suitably shaped container made of high-quality and heat-storing material is required. When it comes to espresso cups, a lot has changed over the years in terms of optimizing enjoyment. Material, size and shape play an important role. In addition, it should look modern and exude genuine Italian flair... a lot comes together, but what exactly are the decisive parameters of a "perfect" Italian espresso cup?

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Porcelain - the ultimate heat accumulator for thick-walled espresso cups

Originally from Chinese porcelain manufactories, the tableware has also found its way to Europe over the centuries. In countries with a great espresso culture - such as Italy - it is particularly appreciated. The reason for this is its excellent properties in terms of use as an espresso cup:

Porcelain is not only considered an optimal heat accumulator, it also has another great advantage over materials such as glass or metal - the taste of the espresso is not affected! It is said, for example, that glass gives espresso a sour taste. But here opinions differ, which is why we also offer espresso glasses in our store, but more about that later.

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How big does an espresso cup have to be?

In principle, an espresso cup should have a capacity of 40 ml to 90 ml. In this size, the approx. 25 ml of espresso still have enough space for a rich crema and/or some milk foam in the espresso macchiato. Since the milk foam is skimmed off with a spoon and placed on top of the crema, an espresso macchiato requires more space in the espresso cup.

The diameter of an espresso cup primarily influences the perception of odor. A narrow diameter has proven itself here: If it is larger than 8 cm, the nose has a little more room, but the crema of the espresso flows apart - a horror for every espresso lover! For a double espresso, however, a larger format must be used, such as a small cappuccino cup.

For a double espresso, typically served in special espresso glasses, you will need 50 ml of hot water, and the cup and saucer at the bottom of the cup can hold 90 ml of water.

Always keep the shape thanks to Italian espresso cups

When it comes to espresso cup shape, a thick-walled concept is particularly important in the first place. Thin porcelain may look fine and elegant, but it does not store the heat of the espresso well and is therefore more suitable for the cup collection in the display case.

You're definitely better off with thick-walled porcelain and can enjoy your espresso without having to worry about the temperature. The so-called flute and tulip shapes are becoming more and more popular. Flute-shaped espresso cups are taller than tulip-shaped ones and have a narrow diameter. Many such cups also taper in the lower area. Especially if you like to drink a classic mocha, espresso cups with this shape are particularly suitable. The coffee grounds collect at the bottom of the mocha cup, so it only has to be tilted slightly to drink and the coffee grounds do not flow into the mouth.

Do you know the crema hump? No, unfortunately, it's not a handy camel organ that gives us 1A crema whenever we need it. It's a small, concave bulge on the bottom of the espresso cup that protrudes inside the cup and helps the crema stabilize. Buy the optimal thick-walled espresso cups at Espresso Perfetto now!

You drink with your eyes first!

Last but not least, modern espresso cups must of course please. As we all know, tastes are different and fortunately the selection from the various manufacturers is correspondingly large! Although there are already mentioned shapes and sizes that are generally recommended, the choice is still up to you in the end. Of course, all of our espresso cups also come with matching saucers, so you can serve your espresso in style and modern design, accompanied by a chic espresso spoon and our delicious cookies!

In our store you will find all the colors, shapes and sizes you can imagine for your ideal espresso cup. You have an absolute favorite espresso brand? Then browse through our range of espresso cups from La Marzocco, Bezzera, ECM, Illy, Lucaffé, Rocket, Rancilio, Inpetto or from Espresso Perfetto and get inspired!

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