Espresso machines under 1500

Top espresso machines under €1,500 - the direct comparison

What is important for a good Espresso machine espresso machine? How can I save money without compromising on quality? And the most important question: How do the machines in my desired price segment differ?

We would like to answer all these questions in our new blog post. To do so, we asked our specialist at our branch on the Bilker Allee and also made an informative video that you can watch on our YouTube channel!

Lelit, Rocket, Quickmill -who makes the race?

For the price range below 1,500€, we have selected one model each of the brands Lelit, Rocket and Quickmill compared.

We chose the MaraX PL62X from Lelit , the best-seller - the Appartamento - from Rocket and the special model 0981-EP "NAZ" from Quickmill . The three machines presented have two-circuit technology in common, which means that espresso can be brewed and milk foamed at the same time. They also have a stainless steel housing and a Faema E61 brewing group.

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The Lelit MaraX PL62X

A wide range of products, fair prices and high-quality materials - that's what the brand Lelit stands for!

The Lelit MaraX PL62X is a perfect example of top quality at a solid price-performance ratio! Brushed stainless steel housing, vintage rotary valves, E61 brew group and manual brewing temperature control - this great machine has it all.

What's more: with a width of just 22cm, the MaraX PL62X is particularly slim and fits perfectly into any niche!

The Rocket Appartamento

Who can't be left out when it comes to affordable but high-quality espresso machines? Definitely: the Rocket Appartamento!

The espresso machine is a favourite with the public for a reason, because its classic chrome look and legendary quality make the hearts of every espresso fan beat faster - regardless of whether you are a gastronome or an amateur barista.

The Appartamento can be recognised directly by the Rocket-typical "R" on the rotary valve of the steam lance, the single manometer with black dial and the twelve holes in the side walls.

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The Quickmill 0981 EP "NAZ"

The Quickmill 0981-EP "NAZ" convinces all along the line! It is made almost entirely of high-quality stainless steel and with the E61 brewing group, the powerful vibration pump and the insulated stainless steel boiler, it leaves nothing to be desired.

The model also has adjustable feet. This gives the machine a firm stand even on uneven surfaces. If the water level is too low, the Quickmill 0981-EP "NAZ" switches off automatically.

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Our winner in the category "Espresso machines under 1.500€"

Each of the three espresso machines is absolutely worth its price and we are sure that you will be happy with each of them, but if you ask us, there is a clear winner in the direct comparison: the Quickmill 0981-EP "NAZ"!

In addition to the features and advantages of the machines that have already been presented, there is one more special feature that needs to be highlighted: A special pulsor reduces the noise level of the vibration pump immensely, which makes the machine particularly quiet - a feature you won't want to miss once you've enjoyed it!

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Espresso machines under 1500

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