How do coffee roasts differ?

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Not all coffee is the same! Thanks to coffee roasting - also refining coffee acquires its unmistakable aroma and characteristic color, and also develops unique roasted aromas. But what is the difference between light roasts and dark roasts? Espresso Perfetto explains the differences!

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Coffee roasting differences,coffee roasting,coffee roasting, , coffee roasting-espresso-perfetto_contribution

What happens during coffee roasting?
Espresso Perfetto clarifies!

Roasting triggers a chemical process in the coffee bean in which the amino and sugar acids are completely reassembled so that new flavors are formed. In concrete terms, this means that thousands of flavors are broken down and in some cases even formed for the first time. This makes coffee roasting a true craftsmanship, which of course significantly influences the taste of the coffee.

Each coffee bean has a different composition of ingredients due to its quality, origin and growing regions. Therefore, experienced roasting masters develop a perfect roasting process of temperature and time, which is optimally adapted to each individual coffee blend. Factors such as roasting temperature and roasting time determine the color, aroma and taste of the coffee beans.

Light vs. dark coffee roasts - What are the differences?

Roasting coffee means giving it its very own, unmistakable character. The duration of the roasting process is one of the factors over which the roast master can exert the greatest influence on the coffee aroma. It also determines whether a light or dark roast is produced. But what is the difference between light and dark coffee roasts? Espresso Perfetto explains!

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Light coffee roasts - Light Roast

They look beige to light brown and are also called "Nordic Roast", "Light Roast" or "Cinnamon Roast". In the light roast, the coffee beans are roasted at lower temperatures of about 200°C. If the bean breaks open, there is an audible cracking sound ("crack"). The drum roasting process for light roasts takes about 10 to 12 minutes and ends after the first crack, as the bean loses more and more moisture from this point on. Light coffee roasts are ideal for coffee connoisseurs who prefer something milder. Especially in Scandinavian countries, this type of roasting is very widespread.

A characteristic feature of light coffee roasts is the particularly pronounced acidity, which brings fine and fruity, tangy aromas to the coffee cup. For the classic coffee connoisseur, this is definitely a new and exciting taste experience.

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Dark coffee roasts - Dark Roast

Coffee from dark roasting ("Dark Roast") is characterized by its intense, tart-sweet note. The longer the roasting takes, the darker and more brittle the beans become, as the cell structures break down more and more. Due to the continuous heat supply (up to 250°C), the beans lose a lot of water and very slowly start to burn. This releases more complex flavors. Chocolaty and nutty flavors develop, combined with a unique bitter note. Since most of the acids are broken down during this roasting process, the acid content here is rather low. In addition, this roasting process brings out the natural oils in the beans, which causes the Dark Roasts to shine. If you're a true espresso lover and like your coffee as strong as possible, the dark roast is right up your alley!

Buy the best espresso beans

For an exceptional coffee, high quality coffee beans are the basic requirement. Espresso Perfetto offers Espresso beans from selected roasters and the best growing areas from Italy and all over the world. Coffee roasting is a craft and creativity: in addition to high-quality raw materials, our products contain the experience of traditional Italian and INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano) certified roasting masters. This is how all our coffee beans develop a unique coffee character!

How-to: Store coffee beans correctly

Coffee is a fresh product and loses its quality and aroma over time. Once you have opened the coffee package, it is advisable to consume the coffee quickly. To learn how to protect your coffee beans from premature loss of aroma and keep them fresh for a long time, read our blog post on "Storing coffee properly":

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