What is a barista?

A Barista Is a person who specializes in the preparation and service of espresso and other specialty coffees. Baristas use their expertise to extract the best flavor profiles from coffee beans and create custom drinks for customers.

What skills does a barista need?

A barista should have a thorough knowledge of coffee science, espresso machine and grinder operation, proper grind setting, tamping, extraction, and milk foaming techniques. In addition, good communication skills, customer service and cleanliness are important aspects of a barista's role.

How to become a barista?

To become a barista, you can either complete formal barista training or learn through hands-on experience in a café or coffee roastery. Many baristas begin their careers as café employees and over time learn the skills necessary to become professional baristas. There are also numerous barista training and certification programs offered by coffee associations and private training providers.

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