What is Crema?

Crema is the golden-brown, frothy layer that forms on the top of a freshly made espresso. Crema is an indicator of the freshness of the beans and the quality of the extraction. It is made up of tiny gas bubbles enveloped by the oils and solids contained in the coffee.

Why is crema important?

Crema is important because it is a sign of a well-prepared espresso and contributes to the texture and flavor of the beverage. A dense, velvety crema provides a pleasant mouth texture and contributes to the balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness in the espresso. If the crema is missing or thin and uneven, it may indicate problems with the extraction, the freshness of the beans or the Grind indicate.

How to get a good crema?

To obtain a good crema, baristas should use fresh, high-quality coffee beans, set the correct grind, distribute the coffee powder evenly in the Portafilter and tamp it firmly, and set the optimum extraction time and the Pressure profile comply

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