Espresso Macchiato

What exactly is an espresso macchiato?

Many confuse it with the Latte Macchiatobut watch out! If you order an espresso macchiato and expect a large coffee drink with lots of milk in a tall glass, you will be disappointed.

But what is an espresso macchiato and how is it prepared? We'll answer that in our blog post and also explain why this small but delicious drink is really worth ordering!

Espresso Macchiato

What you need for a successful espresso macchiato

The name comes - how could it be otherwise - from the Italian: "Macchiato" means in German as much as "spotted" and when you see your finished Espresso Macchiato, you will also understand why.

To prepare a convincing espresso macchiato, you need the appropriate equipment and ingredients:

This is how an espresso macchiato is made:

espresso macchiato

1. prepare beans & milk

First you should fill your Espresso grinder with strong, fresh beans. We recommend our Espresso Perfetto Bar Gusto beans!

You can froth the milk before brewing the espresso so that a nice, dense foam crown can form in the pot.

espresso macchiato

2. strong tamper compression

After you have ground the beans and filled your Portafilter , make sure that you strongly compress the espresso grounds in the filter with a Tamper to ensure that the espresso flows smoothly into the cup. You can also find a selection of great, heat-retaining Espresso cups can also be found in our online store!

espresso macchiato

3. the right milk

By now, the milk foam in the pot should have solidified optimally, so that you can easily spoon off the frothed milk and pour it onto the fresh espresso.

Ideally, the ratio ends up being about 20 ml of espresso and 10 ml of milk/foam.

espresso macchiato

4. the perfect ratio

The result: a strong espresso macchiato, which gets a pleasant mild balance from the milk foam!

If the espresso is still too strong, you can add a shot of liquid milk to the espresso before the foam and then spoon the milk foam onto the crema.


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When the espresso cup matches the drink

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