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The Frappuccino - The it drink of the summer since 1994!

Frappuccino - ever heard of it? Coffee can also be served cold, and in a wide variety of forms: Whether as an iced coffee with classic vanilla ice cream, as an iced latte with milk and espresso On the rocks or like a smoothie in the blender! In this blog post, we introduce you to the Frappuccino variant and, as always, give tips and tricks for a successful home-made Frappuccino!

Frappuccino, what is that actually?

The name is derived from the French verb "frapper" (meaning "to beat") in combination with the suffix "uccino" of the beverage cappuccino. In this case, however, "beating" is more to be understood as "bumping", because ice cubes are crushed for a Frappuccino. More on this later.

In addition, as already indicated, the term cappuccino creeps into the drink name, because in addition to the ice cubes, almost the same ingredients are used as those for a cappuccino. Milk and cream are the order of the day!

The history of the Frappuccino

The cold drink became famous in 1996 through the Starbucks coffee house chain. Starbucks' Frappuccino is particularly popular as a so-called "Java Chip" variant with chocolate sauce and drops. But its origins date back to 1992 with George Howell, the managing director of the coffee house chain "The Coffee Connection," which was bought by Starbucks in 1994.

He learned about the "café frappé" coffee trend from Greece, in which instant coffee powder is shaken with cold water in a cocktail shaker until frothy, then served in a latte macchiato glass on ice.

With the help of his then co-worker Andrew Frank, he succeeded in developing his own creation of this drink, which uses freshly brewed espresso or coffee instead of instant powder.

Already at this time, Frappuccino received an official registration as a trademark, which was also acquired in the course of the takeover of Starbucks.

Here's what you need to make your own creamy Frappuccino


- Latte Macchiato Glass
- Latte Macchiato Spoon
- Powerful blender


- Milk or vegan milk substitute
- Ice cube
- Espresso


- Syrup (according to taste)
- Drinking chocolate powder
- Whipped cream (vegan/lactose-free alternatives are also available here)


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This is how you make delicious Frappuccino!

Depending on the desired quantity, you will of course have to adjust our following specifications slightly, but even for larger quantities, you can use this mixing ratio as a guide.

1. the right espresso

First, brew about 60 ml of espresso or strong filter coffee. The most intense and aromatic taste you can of course with a good Espresso machine create! In our store you will certainly find the right one for you in our huge selection!

2. the right mix

Let the espresso cool down and then mix it with about 150 ml of milk in a blender. powerful blender. At this point, you can sweeten your drink - if you like - with some syrup and/or Drinking chocolate powder sweeten.

Now the refreshing ice cubes finally come into play. Put about 10 pieces in the blender and process them into crushed ice for about 30 seconds.

3. the accessories completes

Now just pour the whole thing into a tall Latte Macchiato Glass and refine with cream or various toppings as desired. Served with a long Latte Macchiato Spoon the toppings are also ideal to enjoy!

4. topping at the end!

How about a caramel Frappuccino with nuts or brittle, for example? Fancy and expansive toppings with cookies, marshmallows, and fruits are also becoming increasingly popular. This gives the Frappuccino a great, colorful look and exciting taste accents. There are no limits to your creativity!

With our Frappuccino Starter Kit, you can make the perfect Frappuccino in no time!

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Frappuccino Starter Kit Professional

RRP: 415,00
Original price was: 395,00€Current price is: 375,00€.
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